James Pringle Cook


James Pringle Cook painting on display at Boise Art Museum

Boise Art Museum

James Pringle Cook oil painting of aspen, pine trees with cascading water at Colorado Convention Center

Boulder Creek - Autumn 08 #1 @72"x216"

Colorado Convention Center





Robert A. Yassin

"James Cook is an American artist. He is not an American artist simply because he was born in America, or because he studied here, or because he works here, or because the subjects of his paintings are American subjects. He is an American artist for all these reasons, and more importantly because he sees himself and believes himself to be an American artist and part of the American tradition in art."

Stephen Vollmer

"Cook's paintings are powerful while remaining remarkably sensitive to an environment that is fully revealed through the brush and mind of the artist. In each painting, one is fascinated by his ability to translate refracted light through color interwoven with textures, shadows, and depths of field. Adeptly, he guides us down paths we might normally not see, to look more closely at the space and planes between the fore and backgrounds. His compositions are ever changing patterns that are not unlike intricate weavings related to baroque silk brocades from the Orient."