James Pringle Cook

Oil Painting

Studio 2020
Lower Sabino - Spring #1
Aravipa-Sandstone #2 © oil on linen 60"x60"
Lower Sabino-Spring #1 © oil on linen 60"x40"
Apache Lake Study #2
Mt. Vrain-Autumn
Apache Lake Study #2 © oil on linen 70"x50"
Mt. Vrain-Autumn © oil on linen 36"x30"


"Simply stated Cook's paintings are exciting and revealing. He displays masterful skills that run parallel to those Asian artists who study their subjects for years and, that upon the moment of realization, execute their subject with a series of swift strokes. Cook's brush, like theirs, is an extension of his very being and both reveal the essence of subject and self, through a series of brilliant gestures."

Stephen Vollmer, Independent Curator, Dallas, Texas

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