James Pringle Cook


James Pringle Cook has set up his paint box in California, Mexico, and in Maine. His brush strokes capture the energy of waves, the light and movement of storms along the coastline as well as the quiet moments of the sea.
Old Orchard-Storm
Equinox-Two Lights #2
Equinox Dawn #1
Old Orchard-Storm 65"x40"©
Equinox-Two Lights #2 50"x60"©
Equinox-Dawn #1 60"x50"©
Two Lights 07 #1
Thunder-Proust Neck
Equinox #4
Two Lights 07 #1 40"x60"©
Thunder-Proust Neck 70"x108"©
Equinox #4 80"x136"©
Equinox Study #2
Equinox-Dawn #2
South End
Equinox Study #2 08 30"x34"©
Equinox-Dawn #2 42"x70"©
South End 24"x50"©

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